FinMate AI for Zoom

Adding The Finmate Zoom App


Prerequisite, Zoom Desktop Install

1. Download the Zoom Desktop Application to your PC or Mac.
2. Sign into your Zoom Account, using the same email as the one you will sign into FinMate AI.
    This step is very important to sign into your desktop app.

Connect the FinMate App to Zoom

1. Login to FinMate AI. There are two places to find the "Add To Zoom" button:
   a. On the main Dashboard Page, Select "Add to Zoom" Button.
   b. Settings > Recorder Tab > Select "Add to Zoom" Button.

2. Select the Checkmark "Allow this app to use my shared access permissions." and Press "Allow" Button.

Enable Local Recording Permission

  1. Navigate to your Zoom settings:
  2. Click on the Recording Tab
  3. Toggle on Local Recording
  4. Check the checkbox "Hosts can give meeting participants permission to record locally"
(Optional) Turn on Auto Recording for backup
  1. Toggle on Automatic Recording
  2. Make sure Record on the Local Computer is toggled on
  3. After your meetings, you can upload the file to our site in case zoom blocks the notetaker recording.
🎉 You are connected and configured! 🎉

Using the Zoom App


You can use Zoom App in 2 Ways

Option 1:
connect your calendar that have Zoom meetings attached to your meetings. Finmate can auto join meetings with urls.

Option 2:
Manually add the finmate AI Notetaker Bot to your meeting by signing into and Join by URL at the top.

Removing the Zoom App

  1. Login to Finmate
    Go to "Settings" on the Left Navigation
    Select the "Recorder" Tab
  2. In the Zoom Section, Select X Icon and Finmate is disconnected from Zoom.

Optional Additional Steps,
  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage >> Added Apps or search for the "Finmate AI" app.
  3. Click the "Finmate AI" app.
  4. Click Remove.


Denied By Host, but I created the event. Why is someone else host?


If you received an email that Zoom Finmate AI Bot was denied by the host with hostname as someone else but you are hosting the event,

Why is it happening?
The Zoom Desktop App is not signed in or is signed in as someone else. Thus the specific host isn't found, and Zoom randomly assigns the host until the exact host appears.

How To Fix?
Sign into Zoom Desktop App with the same email as your calendar connected to FinMate.

source: zoom troubleshooting link

Zoom registration required for FinMate Notetaker


You received an email that Zoom Finmate AI Bot was The bot failed to join because registration is required for this Zoom meeting.

Why is it happening?
Meetings that require registration are not supported since a bot cannot register itself when joining a meeting. To learn more about what Zoom registration is, click here.

How To Fix?

You can do any of the following:
  • To enable a bot to join a registration-required meeting, you must pre-register for the meeting and provide the pre-registered meeting URL when creating the bot. Pre-registered meeting links will contain a tk query parameter.
  • You can host a meeting that does not require zoom registrations. If you are not the host, then you'll have no control over requiring zoom registrations.
  • Use our Web Recorder (easiest)

I denied the notetaker, and set my permissions to prevent future notetakers. how do i undo?


If you selected "Deny" and checkmarked apply all in this window,

1. Sign into your Zoom Settings
2. On the Left Menu, select Settings
3. On the Top tab, Select Recording.
4. Select, "Ask host to confirm before starting a recording"


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