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Note taking is busy work. Automate it away.
Spend time with clients and building your practice instead.

As Financial Advisors,
We know the frustration of piled up notes first hand.

No more piled up notes to organize after meetings
Simplify transition to CRMs and Financial Planning tools
No more distracted multitasking during meetings

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"This product is going to CHANGE ADVISORS' LIVES! I am always on the hunt for what will make running a financial planning practice more efficient and this is the holy grail!"
Libby Greiwe, FIC, ChFC, RICP
The Efficient Advisor Podcast
I was on the search for a transcription tool that would help us record meetings and improve our note-taking process.  I did not expect to be blown away by the AI capabilities of Finmate!  Not only do we receive the full meeting transcription, but most importantly we receive a detailed summary with the most critical information in an easy to digest format.  This is going to save us a lot of time and energy!
Corey Cyr
Ideal Retirement Solutions
“FinMate AI is a total game changer. This will greatly help improve the efficiency of offices and put more time back in the advisor’s schedules to do what they love- helping clients”
Zac Daulton
J.W. Cole
"FinMate AI is a revolutionary tool that I recommend to every financial advisor I work with. This AI-driven solution excels at summarizing meeting notes, significantly enhancing efficiency and ensuring no important details are overlooked. Its seamless integrations with all top CRMs really make FinMate AI stand out as a top tool to incorporate into any tech stack! Its ease of use and effectiveness in making meetings more efficient make it a must-have for advisors looking to optimize their workflow, streamline operations, and improve productivity."
Carly Kelly
Signal Advisors

FinMate App for In Person Meetings

Need a note taker for those in office meetings or meetings on the go? With the FinMate companion app, your notetaker can follow along wherever you go.
We Draw From 20+ years of Experience At:

The FinMate Difference

What sets FinMate Ai Apart? It's All in the Details

Finmate AI Assistant

Complete Client Details
Capture all the important client details throughout the meeting as FinMate AI is trained to specifically target information important to you as an Advisor.
Organized and Categorized Notes
FinMate AI helps you save time by presenting the notes organized by category such as Income, Assets, Insurance so you can easily transition to CRM and Planning software.
Created by Financial Advisors
We get you as former financial advisors, and all of our features are geared towards making your life easier.

Generic Note Takers

Incomplete Client Details
Generic note takers are trained to give vague summaries of random parts of the transcript and frequently miss important information leading to wasted time looking for them.
Disorganized Summaries
Generic note takers give summaries of randomly grouped chunks of the meeting leading to more time spent re organizing the notes after they're generated.
Generalized Usage
Generic note takers can only give non specific features that don't benefit advisors because they're not focused on you.

Save Time & Focus on the Client

We've all had the experience of frantically taking notes during our discovery meetings, while trying to look calm and confident in front of the client, and juggling thoughts on where to lead the conversation. Then a back to back meeting happens, and the notes we meant to save are now three days behind.
100% Focus
Based on our survey of Financial advisors, note taking takes up 30% of attention. Give 100% to your Clients like they deserve!
+5 Hours
Take back up to five work hours per week! Financial Advisors spend 15 minutes per hour of meetings on notes.

Seamlessly Integrate to Your Workflow

FinMate fits neatly into your existing workflow. Just invite your FinMate Assistant to your client meetings, and FinMate will transcribe and take notes to plug into your current CRM and Financial Planning Software
Run your Client Meetings with FinMate Assistant
FinMate uses state of the art AI and proprietary pre and post processing to Transcribe and Extract Key Client Information
Quickly Save Notes and Tasks to CRM and Easily Generate Financial Plans

Cutting Edge Security & Custom Data Policy

Customize your data retention policy. Choose anywhere between saving full meeting playback with video and audio, or no permanent records with just notes generated. We are SOC2 Type 2 Certified. Learn more here.
Cutting Edge Security
We are SOC2 Certified with bank level security (TLS, OAuth 256bit Encryption)
Customize Retention
We know your firm has unique and specific data retention policies. Customize what's saved!

SOC2 Type 2 Certification

We are SOC2 Type 2 Certified. You can find more details and our policy documents in our SOC2 portal using the link below.
Link hosted by 3rd party SOC2 Security Firm

Cyber Insured

We have partnered with WTW and Coalition Active Insurance to ensure comprehensive cyber risk management and extensive protection against cyber threats. This collaboration supercharges our data and systems security, safeguarding your sensitive information.

FinMate in the Media

What people are saying about us and more!
"FinMate eliminates the need to take notes during discovery meetings. It frees up the time it takes to organize your notes after the session and eliminates distracted multitasking during meetings...

Successful advisors understand the importance of having an emotional connection with prospects and clients. FinMate is a welcome addition to the tools you can use because it eliminates the need to take notes in meetings where recording information is critical."
Dan Solin
Solin Consulting
"Focus on your client instead of taking notes.
No need to spend hours organizing notes after your meetings.
No need to have an assistant in the meeting to take notes.

FinMate AI takes detailed and organized notes for you... with an AI model designed for the specific meeting type that it is.

And in case you're wondering... they have a phone app for recording in-person meetings."

Watch our demo with ProAdvisor Suite here:
Pro Advisor Suite
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